At Bucharest International 10k, we run to build a home for low-income families. We give 10% of the registration fee to Habitat for Humanity România, an organization that builds affordable homes for low-income people and fights to eradicate poor housing in our country.

How to get involved:

  1. Run in the Runners for Humanity team at Bucharest International 10k.
  2. Create a fundraiser profile on the Habitat for Humanity page and convince your friends to donate for a better future of the families who never had their own home. You can also fundraise for the Bucharest International 10k registration fee. More details here.

Habitat for Humanity is the largest non-governmental organization in the field of social housing in Romania. The organization’s mission is to eradicate precarious housing, a problem that affects half of Romanians who live in overcrowded or damaged homes.

In its 21 years of activity in Romania, Habitat for Humanity has built over 600 new homes and rehabilitated 2,000 homes and buildings for the benefit of over 19,000 people. In addition to house construction, Habitat for Humanity Romania has organized disaster prevention and response programs for another 50,000 people.

The Bucharest International 10k team volunteered on the Habitat for Humanity site in Bacau and helped build 36 homes in a record 5-day period, along with families who will move to their first decent homes.