All participants must wear the BIB number in order to receive the official time and be eligible for wining prizes. The BIB number must be worn on the front of the t-shirt, must be kept in good condition and must be easily visible for the competition judges. The timing chip must be placed on the competition number in the position recommended by the organizers, so that the time is validated and the participant is eligible for prizes.

If during the race a participant loses the competition number, they must immediately inform the race judges, otherwise they may be automatically disqualified. The inadequate behavior towards other participants, officials or spectators leads to direct disqualification, and the ones in question shall be referred to the authorities.

All participants must be medically fit, physically as well as mentally. The participation to this event takes place on own responsibility and risk. By registering and participating to the event, each athlete agrees that the organizers, sponsors, sellers, volunteers, institutions or officials, partners and staff in charge of the event cannot be deemed liable for accidents or damages resulting from the participation to this event. Each participant must sign the participation agreement before the race.

Adults with disabilities may participate to the Popular Race and the 10 km Race. They shall be included in the category of wheelchairs and the athletes in wheelchairs and self-propelling chairs may receive the announced prizes. Adults with motor disabilities participating to one of the event tests in wheelchairs pushed by a third person or other categories than the tone described above may participate to the event but they are not included in ranking.

The minimum age for participating to the Half Marathon race is 18 years at the time of the race. The minimum age for participating to the 10 km Race is 10 years at the time of the race. The minimum age for participating to the Popular Race is 8 years at the time of the race. Minors between 8 and 14 years of age may participate to this competition only accompanied by an adult. All athletes under 18 years of age must produce the identity document, the written consent of one of the parents or legal guardian. The corporations, schools and other organizations registering in group are in charge of collecting such documents for the minors in those groups, and they must produce them to the organizers before the race.

During the race, several points for registering the participants’ times shall be installed. All participants must wear proper sports equipment during the race.

The race shall be open to participants for only 4 hours from the start, and then the route shall be reopened for motor vehicle traffic, and the safety of the athletes cannot be guaranteed after the deadline. The participants who do not finish the race in the allotted time shall not receive an official result.

The final date for registration is 12th of April 2019.

During the race and related events, the promotion of companies, products or services not authorized by the organizers, or which are companies in competition with the sponsors and partners of this event, is not allowed.

All participating athletes must be prepared to produce a valid identity document and certify their age in order to be eligible for wining prizes. The athletes must wait for the results to be verified and validated by the officials before the prizes are offered.

Doping tests may be requested from any athlete before or after the race in order to be eligible for prizes or bonuses. Any athlete refusing to test or tested positive must return the prize.